Gaudí and Taxi drivers

These are the subjects of my thoughts these days. I'm sitting in the beautiful Fleet Library at RISD compiling a bibliography for a Pecha Kucha on Antoni Gaudi, after spending the day doing some preliminary research on cab drivers for my studio class. (By the way, my studio class is Designing For Others, which is turning out to be fantastic. So glad I chose it. Taught by Aidan Petrie and Mark Guarraia of Ximedica.)

photo from  here .

photo from here.

Gaudi: There's so much out there. He is almost all of what I remember about Barcelona. I'm just not sure where to start. The decorative aspect? His insane shapes? His grand ambition? I also just had the crippling thought that if I want to check books out of the library, I have to carry them home on my bike. Incentive to edit my selections.

Taxi drivers: god knows I've taken enough taxis in New York. I will be devoting my semester to thinking about them, interviewing them, researching, and ultimately designing a product or service that is tailored to their specific needs. There are a lot of opportunities there; I just haven't isolated the area I'd like to focus on yet. More on that soon...