Aaaaand... we're back!

It's been a long time since I've posted here, and a lot has happened. I graduated from RISD, worked at a fabulous company called Ximedica, and moved back home to NYC. In that whirlwind I never published the written portion of my thesis here, as I always meant to. However, the time has come. Keep your eyes peeled for the whole darn thing... posted in installments.

To whet your appetite, here is the abstract:

“Re-Visions” focuses on the importance of engaging thoughtfully with stakeholders when initiating a large-scale public project. The physical outcome of the project is an immersive booth that creates an opportunity for stakeholders to visualize the potential of an unloved public space early in the development process. The booth features a panoramic image of a public space and a soundscape, provoking inspiration and conversation about the possibilities the space might hold. The project began with a study of the Civic Center Interchange in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. The original idea was to investigate how the barren areas under the highway could be redesigned as a recreational attraction aimed at pedestrians. In this book, I outline my process wherein I observed, depicted, illustrated, and modified the space. I conducted interviews with RIDOT employees, public officials, and design professionals. Throughout this process, I sensed deep potential in the area around the interchange, and wanted to create a tool that would allow others to re-envision the space. This booth represents well-considered stakeholder engagement, which leads to more successful city projects with richer outcomes, which in turn bring economic, social, and aesthetic improvements to cities.