Kiosk Progress...

Got some drawings and models to show my thought process... Check back, as things are changing by the hour!

Found a fun urban planning game

It's a sweet web-based game called Blocks and Lots, and its focus is rearranging symbolic neighborhood zoning blocks until all stakeholders are happy (or at least, not miserable). I could see it as a great teaching tool for the basics of zoning, and for demonstrating the complexities of planning projects with their many affected stakeholders and constituents. Here's a link to the creative folks who made this project, lead by the Esperanza Community Housing Corporation. Check out the screen shots below for the look and feel of the game. Super cute, right?

3D Real Reality/Virtual Reality Booth Experiment Goes Bang!

Super early photos of a viewing booth I'm making. There is a 360 view of one of the infields in the interchange mounted inside the ring of cardboard. I want it to feel like a magical fort you'd build as a kid, a place that was secret and only yours, where imagination made possibilities endless. There's also sound to go with the experience. The clip here is a rough outline. Press play and imagine standing inside.


I Spy an Interchange

Held a little driving workshop with some rockstar friends where we played a modified version of "I Spy." Check it out:

Lost and Found Architecture

We had a nice showing for our gallery presentation of our work for Wintersession in the BEB this afternoon. I've decided to create a coloring book (for grownups and kids alike) that will allow people to engage with my site in a playful and imaginative way. The beginnings of it are shown here, along with some of my collage work that will be included in the coloring book for inspiration.


Collage and Architecture

Here are some teaser images from my Wintersession class.



We're using collage, computerized drawing techniques, and hand drawing techniques to create fantasy landscapes in abandoned spaces. I'm using the class to help advance my thesis work by creating images that are open enough to spark imagination and conversation about what could be. Even though my chosen site is not abandoned, it is under-utilized, and deserves imagination and consideration. More images coming soon.